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ITRB competitive advantage is based on outperforming the market standard by

1  Delivering strong engineering capabilities into a market short of human capital:

  • ITRBs core team of engineers offers experience of a minimum of 10 years with an average experience of 16 years whilst most competitors are working with younger and less experienced engineers .
  • Recruitment of further engineers in Europe (Spain, Italy, UK) ITRB recruitment capability is built on 3 pillars: 

                -  Direct contact of more than 700 professionals.

                -  Strategic Alliances with 3 strong engineering partners.

                -  UK recruitment centre set-up for MRO engineers.

  • Training in ITRB ACADEMY (for internal and external resources)

2  Offering commitment to deadlines and results instead of working on a “per hour/boom on a seat concept”: Independent team of experienced engineers  with bonus linked to performance and delivery of results.

3  Continuous innovation and technological know-how transfer:  European Commission funded projects FP7 (e.g. Cleansky) targeting continuous know-how improvement through applied research.  ITRB  gets engaged in the development of new technologies in collaboration with Universidad European de Madrid.

4  Flexibility in terms of location:  ITRB offers consultancy work packages at clients facilities as well as secondments of engineers.

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