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Long term projects include ITRB TECH HUB for incubation, acceleration and internationalization of Aerospace Companies.

The Tech Hub IS YOUR PARTNER TO GROWTH helping achieving contracts and investors in Europe, Middle east and Africa  with base in Dubai








Engagement Planning
Optional but recommended
Qualifies opportunity / interest
Documents Company, Strategy, Sales Plan, Objectives

In-Region Sales Director
Responsible for Driving Sales Revenue from the region
Sales Contractor, mostly likely working 1/3 of time
Provides full Sales Cycle of services
Sells in the name of the Manufacture
Sells both direct and via channels, dependent on client strategy
Works from the ‘Tech Hub’ office when possible
Monthly fee
Possible increase of resources
Commissions of approx 15% paid during agreement and 1 year ‘Tail Period’ following the end of the agreement

Additional Sales and Marketing related Services via Contract

Sales Engineering / Support
Post Sales Tech Support
Development Services
Logistic services (managed by team, facilities outsourced)
Marketing Services (localization, local PR, events …)

Clients engaged above may ‘Opt-In’ to ‘Tech Hub Funding Program’
Funding Options:
    1)  Investment directly into Tech Company for % of Equity
    2)  Funds Local JV, owns 51%
Funding Terms that apply to both options:
    1)  Exclusive right to represent Client in the ME (outside of named accounts)
    2)  50%+ of funds dedicated to ME Sales, Support, Development 
    3)  Investments directly from investor or via Tech Hub

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