About us

ITRB Group is a Global Engineering Company  focused on sustainability in the fields of  Aerospace, Materials Development,  Circular Economy, Waste Management,  Product Life-cycle and Innovation Management

Our story so far...


ITRB started as a
global Aerospace
engineering company
in early 2000

Diversified into
mining, materials,
3D printing, drones, ATM, automotive, energy & waste management

Innovation Fund Management (IFM)
to bridge the gap between ideas and the market

Numerous H2020 /
European Commission funded projects

Projects cover the entire spectrum of the product life-cycle in the framework of Circular Economy principles

Global reach

Key People

Rocco Lagioia

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Chief Operating Officer

COO and founder of ITRB Group and CTO of Green Aviation, Rocco has over 20 years of experience in Aerospace and Aviation across 7 European countries. Rocco is a professor of Aerospace Engineering at Universidad Europea Madrid (UEM) and possesses over 17 years of experience in teaching and curriculum design in Stress Analysis, Design and Engineering Program Management. Previously, Rocco worked for many years in the Aerospace sector for industry leaders such as British Aerospace, Airbus in all its main sites (Bremen, Bristol, Hamburg, Toulouse), Fokker, Dassault, Alestis and Embraer. He has lived and worked in France, Germany, Brazil, Belgium, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands and UK. His native language is Italian, while he’s also fluent in Spanish, English, French, German and Portuguese. 

Fernando Muñoz

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Director, Innovation Funds Management 

Fernando possesses over 20 years of international experience in finance and more than 12 years as a CFO. As an external consultant, Fernando has assisted over 31 start-ups develop their financial structure and is Founding Partner of 3 successful start-ups in the private sector. Namely, Babbaco, Marketing, Telecommunications, Projects & Outsourcing, Subventia, a strategic consultancy for subventions, as well as Aeronautical Training & Management SL, an aeronautic consultancy. Earlier positions included external speaker for the European Parliament and Operational Manager Europe Aid/European Commission. Throughout his career, Fernando developed skills and expertise in business development, program management, product management, sales, enterprise application implementation, operations and financial management. Fernando has lived in Belgium and Spain, and speaks Spanish, English and French.

Ugo Miretti

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Chief Knowledge Officer

Ugo is an economist with Italian and German academic degrees and broad policy-making and policy-analysis experience in the areas of energy, environment, climate, innovation and the sustainable use of natural resources, achieved by working in academia, the private sector and public institutions (European Commission), as well as extensive management experience in projects related to sector studies, international cooperation, trade and investment facilitation, and research & innovation (Horizon 2020).

Prof. Pablo Martinez

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Technical Director

Pablo was the Business Development, Programmes and Engineering Director of Spain's - Aries Complex Group, now part of Aciturri Aeronáutica. Gathering activities in strategy, sales and marketing, commercial and programme management, R&D and engineering.
He has been instrumental in supporting clients grow their businesses and develop capabilities in the areas of composite aerostructures and aircraft interiors. He has successfully campaigned and won business from OEM’s such as Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer, Eurocopter and Dassault as well as several other 1st-tier organisations.
Pablo has also developed the use of composite materials in automotive and train sectors. 
Pablo holds an Engineering Degree from Aeronautical Engineering School in Madrid (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) and MBA from IESE, Universidad de Navarra.

Arturo Sanabria

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Project Management

Arturo is a Bachelor in Law with a Masters Degree in International and EU Law. With More than 20 years of professional Career Arturo has specialized itself in Managing European Funds with a wide experience in 7th Framework Program, HORIZON 2020 and other EU funds managed by DEVCO and ECHO as well as at national level the ESF or INTERREG programs. Arturo Has worked for Consultancy Companies and Social institutions managing projects funded by the European Commission in engineering sector, External trade, Private sector development, and other Social areas. Arturo has as well a successful record of European funded projects approved and knows the procedures of managing the different funds coming from the European Institutions. He speaks fluently Spanish, English and French and can communicate on an informal way in Italian and Portuguese. Arturo has lived in Belgium, United Kingdom and Spain. Arturo is associated investigator to the University of Cadiz (UCA).

Francisca Gaona

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Research Engineer

Francisca Gaona is a Geotechnical Engineer and has a master’s degree in Materials Engineering by Carlos III University.  During the master’s degree period, she worked at CENIM-CSIC (Spain) for a period of training during which she specialized in the use of scanning microscope, transmission microscope, high energy mill, microhardness, durometer and traction-deformation testing machine. In addition, she had performed multiple studies based on the use of MEF programs. Currently, he is studying Business and Management by UNED. Her native languages are Spanish and Galician, while she’s also fluent in English. Throughout her career, Francisca developed skills in planning, developing and project management; and she has participated in multiples successful projects inside different fields (batteries, circular economy, CRM and EO).


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